refind 0.11.5 공개.

이전 판(0.11.4)이 나온지 1년이 조금 지났는데, 0.11.5 가 며칠 전에 공개되었다.
제작자가 밝힌, 개선된 내용은 다음과 같다.

0.11.5 (2/12/2020)—This release fixes a handful of bugs and makes a few miscellaneous changes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused screen corruption when exiting the EFI shell (and perhaps other programs) on some systems.
  • Implemented a workaround for buggy filesystem drivers that could cause rEFInd to hang when re-scanning devices.
  • The NTFS driver is no longer built by default because it’s produced too many reports of hung systems. The source code is still included and it can still be built, but the binary is now omitted.
  • Cleaned up excessive slashes (/) in pathname specifications in refind-install script.
  • Corrected incorrect display of scanning for boot loaders message under some circumstances.
  • Fine-tune the use of %v in refind_linux.conf: Do not include the auto-detected initrd file when %v is used, to give the user greater control over initrd file specification. Note: Some users may need to adjust their configuration files because of this change!
  • Updated the LodePNG library to the latest version (20200211).
  • Renamed .der certificate files to use .cer extensions, for better compatibility with KeyTool.efi.
  • Minor man page formatting changes.
  • Updated documentation to remove out-of-date references that have accumulated over time.

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